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Erection of Structural Ceramics shop area of ​​over 21,600 m2

Works on the construction of a framework for building (ceramic shop "Kairos"), more than 21 600m2. Processed more than 700 tons of metal!

Making the Super-large in the Krasnodar region, the height of 25 meters!

Super-height of 25 meters and weights of 18.5 m tons.

Dismantling and assembling prizmatron (3pcs) 4x8

Removing the three dynamic structures "Redius" (prizmatron) with dimensions 4h8m., Diagnosis and identification of causes of performance is not all designs

Repair prizmatron 3x6 on the street. North

Renovated prizmatron 3x6 on the street. North and st. Volodarsky

Replacing the LEDs in Hyundai

Partners and Friends Motor Show Hyundai (Modus) in Krasnodar, on the street. Dzerzhinsky, appealed to us to make a change of lighting in the front signage Hyundai

Repair and restoration prizmatron 4x5 in the center of Krasnodar

We had to spend a little time that is not to restore, configure and run the long running "prizmatron" (Omsk) after 4 years is not efficiency. He is currently served by our team and for rent. 

Pseudo three-dimensional letters

Fabrication and installation of a pseudo three-dimensional letters from colored acrylic for the company Enkel (Dressing Room), in Krasnodar TC "Red Square"

Restoration of light in Nissan

Our partners and friends who came to us so that we have made the diagnosis and replacement of all power supplies and lighting elements throughout the outdoor showroom Nissan (Modus, Krasnodar).

Installation prizmatron 5h12m

Supersayt - the largest advertising structure. Our team is assembled and produced by supersayt startup operations of the dynamic structure "Redius"

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